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X Station

Detailed explanation of hardware, software and troubleshooting of the X Station.


Washify´s POS system is a design meant to make daily transactions as smooth and effortless as possible.


Car Wash Company Admin (CWA). Everything you need to know about the CWA. You´ll find how-to guide on every feature available.


Learn about the process of connecting the devices to share data, provide support and communicate.

Mobile App

A how-to guide on the mobile app your wash customers will enjoy. Includes instructions on how to use every feature in the customer’s app.

UNITEC / DRB / Sentinel /C-Start

Hands on guides for your Washify Software implementation and basic troubleshooting for your Sentinel/C-Start hardware.


The Automatic License Plate Recognition system is a recently developed technology that helps car wash owners with customer verification.


The controllers are responsible for handling wash equipment, ensuring efficiency, providing notifications, and monitoring tunnel and in-bay.

Waterproof Touchscreen

The Waterproof Touchscreen is responsible for managing the washes sent to your tunnel, while also being unaffected by water.

Gas Pump Integration

A guide on how to manage requests, codes generated, and more. Also includes detailed instructions on reporting and troubleshooting.


Gates are a vehicle barrier designed for automated car wash applications.


Radio Frequency Identification; utilizes an RFID antenna to read RFID tags attached to your vehicles to identify and store their information.

PAX Devices

Find setup and troubleshooting articles related to PAX S300 and Xelertator Tablets.


Microsoft Windows operating system powers the Washify equipment. Common issues based on Windows can be found here.

Credit Card Processing

Explore different solutions for issues with customer charges, credit card payments, unknown charges on credit cards, revenue report reconciliation.


Find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions


Detailed explanation of hardware, software, and troubleshooting of the Meridian.



Answer your questions about Swift, built exclusively for the IBA industry, to empower operators with modern features at a competitive value.